Harmony 30 March 21

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For thirty straight days, we're gonna use the Acapella app to record ourselves singing harmony.

We'll work from a library of "harmony atoms." 

These atoms are tiny little subsections of songs, meticulously explained with recordings & performance notes. 

Work your way up to a full song, or sample from a bunch of different ones.

We'll have (and record) weekly calls, explore concepts, stay connected with a lightweight Slack forum, and pair you with a daily accountability partner to help keep you on track.

After thirty days, you'll have:

• confidence and momentum

• tons more harmony knowledge

• an effective practice routine

• a record of how far you've come

• a tribe of new harmony-singing friends... who you can collaborate with remotely using the same app we use in the challenge.

We're kicking off March 1st.

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Harmony 30 March 21

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