GuitarOS: The System

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All action. 

Zero fluff.

Exactly how I’d help you grow if you hired me as your teacher.

Hi, I'm Josh.

Ten years ago I started touring in bands. I couldn’t teach in-person lessons anymore, so I started creating courses. People liked them & shared them with their friends.

Since then, I’ve taught nearly five thousand people. Which kinda blows my mind. Thank you.

When 2020 hit, teaching replaced touring as my “job.” And go figure: when you spend all your time & energy on something, it gets better.

Working alongside people just like you, we’ve discovered a better way to learn guitar.

Over the next two months, I’m rolling out v2 of my all-action method for guitarists.

It’s everything you need to grow your guitar skills. More importantly, it’ll help you find more joy in your guitar playing. And it’s exactly how I’d help you grow if you hired me.

Before we get into it, let me remind you what guitar skills are made of.

You practice. You learn the fretboard. You train your ears. You figure out music theory. 

You learn to improvise. You build a repertoire of songs. You make music with cool people. 

You get feedback. You develop a personal process. You avoid hassle and seek joy.

That’s GuitarOS: The System

Let’s go into the details.

1/ Concepts.

These are the original GuitarOS courses. 

Best-in-the-world guides to the indispensable building blocks of musicianship. 

Simple explanations, delivered in ten-minute chunks.

  • Learn to practice. 
  • Train your ears (even if you’re tone deaf). 
  • Get your time & feel together (even if you have no rhythm). 
  • Learn the most practical bits of music theory. 
  • Develop an intuitive understanding of how that applies to the fretboard. 
  • Use that to improvise confidently. 
  • Put together a show. 
  • Book a gig. 
  • Recruit a killer band.

2/ Repertoire.

Concepts are easier when you connect them to songs. 

(Plus: it’s more fun!)

  • You’ll learn my detailed workflow for learning songs. 
  • We’ll apply it to actual songs. 
  • Each month I take seven tunes and painstakingly recreate them in “stems” format. 
  • Each instrument gets its own track, so you can hear your part in isolation. 
  • Loop sections, slow down audio, consult the professional charts I make for you. 
  • Once you’ve got it down, mute the guitar part and play a little “guitaraoke.” 
  • Send the stems to your band so they can show up to rehearsal prepared.

3/ Practice, Make, Ship.

Learn by making things.

  • Practice something tiny. 
  • Record yourself playing it. 
  • Share it with the group.

It’s scary… for the first ten seconds. 

Once you realize that sharing your less-than-perfect playing won’t kill you, it’s tremendously liberating.

(And I’ll let you in on a little secret: just the act of regularly recording yourself improves your playing over time.)

What are you supposed to practice, make, & ship?

Well, I won’t tie you to anything specific. 

But I will give you themed monthly challenges: Funk rhythms. Fingerpicking. Beatles songs. Soloing. Arena rock. Suggestions enthusiastically welcomed.

Join this month's challenge. 

Or head to the library of past challenges to choose something more to your liking.

4/ Cool People

We’re a tribe. 

These are our values: 

  • Seek joy. 
  • Ship the work. 
  • Be a cheerleader for the others.

Sounds like marketing bullshit... but it fucking works

It works crazy good.

The positivity & encouragement are infectious.

We learn from each other’s successes. 

We learn from each other’s failures. 

The challenges are way easier when we do them together.

5/ Coaching

Let me save you a whole lotta time.

Each month, I make & share a masterclass on the theme.

When it’s something I don’t know well, I bring in friends who are experts—or hire a badass stranger. (I’m here to learn too!)

When you share your practice with the group, you can @ tag me to get my feedback.

Some days the only feedback you need is encouragement. Which we'll give you droves.

Want more feedback from your peers? Tag your post with the 🟢 green light emoji.

6/ The Library

It gets better with time.

Some months you won't want to work on the "official" curriculum.

No problem, we got you there too.

The Library is the place to find:

  • all the songs
  • past challenges
  • masterclasses on thing you're curious about 
  • best practices for developing the skills your music calls for

The System

All together, these six pieces are called The System.

Does it work? Hell yes it works.

It’s exactly what I do with my own playing.

A bunch of people just like you are doing exactly this.

And we’re seeing crazy results.

Most importantly: we’re having fun.

Come join us.


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