Lesson Pack for Paul Simon's Graceland

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I want to give you better tools for learning songs (and then show you how to use them).

  • professional chord chart (pdf)
  • DAW session files (Logic, Ableton, & Studio One)
  • individual mp3 stems (if you want to DIY in Reaper/GarageBand/etc)
  • my patch for HX Stomp/Helix
  • SoundSlice of that tricky chorus riff

The DAW files are divvy'd up into stems—individual tracks for each guitar, the bass, the drums, the vocals, the harmonies, etc. 

This lets you isolate the part you're trying to learn (and then create a "guitaraoke" track so you can jam with the band).

Practicing in your DAW also lets you slow down audio & loop sections.

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Lesson Pack for Paul Simon's Graceland

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